10+ behaviors to become a confident person

What are the behaviors of a confident person?

When a person has genuine self-confidence, their behaviors are something like:

  1. Relaxed demeanor - You have this calm and collected presence that shows you have everything under control.
  2. Speak slowly, modulating your tone - Don't jump into a conversation or yell to be heard. He talks to you when you want to listen.
  3. Don't interrupt - You understand that you have all the time in the world to respond, so why interrupt?
  4. He always has an open body posture - He doesn't hide in a corner with an empty beer bottle trying to look good. It opens and proclaims availability for all.
  5. Maintains eye contact - Always. You will never see this person feel intimidated by someone.
  6. Makes your views clear - Makes your views known to others but is not intended to offend anyone.
  7. He walks deliberately - He walks as if he owns the world. Have you ever seen Grant Cardone walk? Then you know what I'm talking about.
  8. He doesn't try to please anyone - He doesn't care if he likes you or not if you hate him or not. That is your problem and not his. He is self-sufficient and only does what he thinks is right.
  9. Doesn't rush to answer people - When called, listen, and turn slowly and intently.
  10. Does what others fear to do - He has control over his emotions. Even if you feel afraid, proceed to act anyway.
  11. He just smiles because he knows life is good.

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